Sis. Sharon's Testimony

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Reddimalla Sharon Praveen Kumar. I was born in Badrachalam, Khammam District of Andhra Pradesh, in South India in a Hindu background family. My Father’s name is Vishwanadam and my mother’s name is Lakshmi. My name was Ramadevi. My father used to work in the nearby temple, explaining the people about the Panchanga’s and telling them about their stars. We used to do a lot of puja’s and the girls were not allowed to go outside the house. It was a highly orthodox Hindu family. I was also very religious doing lot of Puja’s and visiting many temples.

When I was studying seventh class, I had a dream in which a person came to me and gave me a New Testament. As soon as I woke up, I told my mother about the dream. She told me that we should not take the name of Jesus as we were Hindu’s and of a higher caste. She told me that Jesus was a Lower caste God. She even warned me not to discuss about this dream with anybody. I finished my education and went for nursing training. During the Initial days of my Training I was very happy doing Lot of Puja’s and visiting many temples. However, when I came to the final year of my nursing training, I was disturbed without any peace in my heart due to the financial problems back at home.

After the completion of my nursing training, I went to Hyderabad to start my Profession. At that time one brother started telling me about Jesus. I thought I came to Hyderabad to settle down in my life, why do I need this Jesus. I stopped talking to that person for some time so that I can be far from this Jesus, But Jesus did not leave me as I was in his plan. This brother started taking me to small meeting and slowly even I started reading the bible and praying to this Jesus. I was praying without leaving my Hindu traditions for a long time. After some days I got sick, my nose was blocked due to a puss formation. I was using lot of antibiotics but I was not getting the healing. One of my friends took me to a Christian meeting stating I would be healed. In that meeting, I heard a voice. The voice said “My dear daughter will you love me and worship me”. I told the voice that I already love Jesus. The voice said “If you love me come out of those traditions”. I told the voice that I would leave them, which I did instantly. From that day onwards I started growing in the Lord.

A sister by the name of Rev.Ratna Manikyam , was running a church in Kukatpalli, I started going to that church and she was my spiritual mother. I grew more in the Lord by loving the Lord and worshipping him more. My spiritual mother gave me in marriage to one of their church believer, who was also led to god by her. My father-in-law’s place was Bellampalli, Adilabad,District of Andhra Pradesh. Even if I was from a Hindu background family they loved me and that is how my family life started. After seven years of my marriage life, God has blessed me with two kids, Abishek & Akshaya.

God has blessed me in my Job and was promoted as a Nursing Superintendent in the Indian Railway’s. I received many awards in my Job and my authorities are kind to me due to God’s grace. After some days of my marriage days God has led us to start our Calvary Ministry in Bellampalli where God asked us to start. During the initial days of our ministry, we faced a lot of problems financially. However God has never left us. He had been with us, using us for the expansion of his kingdom.

So, pray for us and our Ministry. May God richly bless you all.

Sis. Sharon Praveen



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